Nokia has always been regarded as the producer of the most stylish yet performance-oriented mobile phones in the world. Their handset named Nokia N96 is a very clear example of this. High on quality and performance and reasonably low in price.

This communicating device from Nokia is an elegant masterpiece. Its looks are futuristic and its vital stats of 103 x 55 x 18 mm are just enough to prove that. In addition to that, this device is also very light, it weighs only 125 grams. The large TFT display screen is the proof of the fact that lots of attention has been paid to the immediate demands of the normal customers. It is because the screen has a size of 2.8 inches and thus provide the feature of better viewing.

Talking about its memory feature, Nokia N96 is installed with a user memory of 16 GB. Along with that, it also has got 128 MB of RAM and 256 MB of storage memory. Even if the user is not satisfied with the provided memory, he can certainly extend it up to 8 giga bytes courtesy microSD card.

If the customers are thinking that its memory section is simply fantastic, wait till they hear about its connectivity feature. Loaded with class 32 GPRS and EDGE. It also has HSCSD, WLAN network and also is 3G HSDPA network enabled phone which works at an astonishing speed of 3.6 Mbps. It also has built-in Bluetooth and a 5 mega pixels camera with flash. The built-in camera is capable of providing crystal clear pictures in any circumstances whatsoever. Besides giving the facilities of instant messaging and E-mails, it also has Symabian OS 9.3 S60.

Other features include built-in GPS receiver, MP3 player and stereo FM radio with RDS. The GPS feature simply puts it miles away from other phones. While the music features allows the users to listen to the music of their own choice.

To conclude, we can safely say that Nokia N96 is the most astonishing piece of modern communication available today in market.


If you are looking for an ultra-stylish and power-packed mobile phone to meet your growing mobile needs then this Motorola Phone is the perfect choice for you.

The phone comes to the users in a clamshell form factor with a durable stainless steel frame and internal antenna. It comes with a 2.2-inch QVGA screen with 262K colours and a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.

This phone has a 2.0 mega pixel camera with 8x zoom that allows you to click even the far-off images without compromising on the high quality. Its music player comes to you with an optional stereo microUSB headset and stereo Bluetooth wireless technology.


The highly elegant Sony Ericsson J121i is a GSM enabled mobile phone preloaded with some great features. The phone has dimensions of 99 x 44 x 17 mm and is lightweight at 75g. With a display of 65K colors and resolution of 96 x 64 pixels, you can enjoy high-class image quality.

It comes with built-in hands free and FM radio with RDS so that you can enjoy your favorite soundtracks easily. The phone is available in Night Black color and comes with useful features such as calculator, T9 dictionary, games, reminder and a talktime of 9 hours and a standby time of approximately 400 hours.


1) The ringtone "Nokia tune" is actually based on a 19th century guitar work named "Gran Vals" by Spanish musician Francisco Tarrega. The Nokia Tune was originally named "Grande Valse" on Nokia phones but was changed to "Nokia Tune" around 1998 when it became so well known that people referred to it as the "Nokia Tune."

2) The world's first commercial GSM call was made in 1991 in Helsinki over a Nokia-supplied network, by Prime Minister of Finland Harri Holkeri, using a Nokia phone.

3) Nokia is currently the world's largest digital camera manufacturer, as the sales of its camera-equipped mobile phones have exceeded those of any conventional camera manufacturer.

4) The "Special" tone available to users of Nokia phones when receiving SMS (text messages) is actually Morse code for "SMS". Similarly, the "Ascending" SMS tone is Morse code for "Connecting People," Nokia's slogan. The "Standard" SMS tone is Morse code for "M" (Message).

5) The Nokia corporate font (typeface) is the AgfaMonotype Nokia Sans font, originally designed by Eric Spiekermann. Its mobile phone User's Guides Nokia mostly used the Agfa Rotis Sans font.

6) In Asia, the digit 4 never appears in any Nokia handset model number, because 4 is considered unlucky in many parts of Southeast/East Asia.

7) Nokia was listed as the 20th most admirable company worldwide in Fortune's list of 2006 (1st in network communications, 4th non-US company).

8. Unlike other modern day handsets, Nokia phones do not automatically start the call timer when the call is connected, but start it when the call is initiated. (Except for Series 60 based handsets like the Nokia 6600)

9) Nokia is sometimes called aikon (Nokia backwards) by non-Nokia mobile phone users and by mobile software developers, because "aikon" is used in various SDK software packages, including Nokia's own Symbian S60 SDK.

10) The name of the town of Nokia originated from the river which flowed through the town. The river itself, Nokianvirta, was named after the old Finnish word originally meaning sable, later pine marten. A species of this small, black-furred predatory animal was once found in the region, but it is now extinct.


The Sony Ericsson W910i is a superslim slide phone, measuring just 12.5mm thick. It's a lovely looking phone with a tapered bottom edge and a superslim profile. The W910i wears its Walkman credentials on its sleeve, with music controls featured prominently when the slide is closed.

Key Features
3G HSDPA Technology
Quad Band Technology (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)
Walkman® Music Player
SensMe™ Shake Control
2.4 Inch 262k TFT Colour Screen (240 x 320 Pixels)
2 Megapixel Camera with 2.5 x Digital Zoom

Our Summary
A show stopping 3G music phone which has a slim slide opening casing complete with a large 2.4 Inch colour display. The Sony Ericsson W910i comes with a built in Walkman® music player complete with a SensMe™ shake control feature. This 3G music phone is full of high quality music & media features complete with fast technologies.


Everyone who has an iPhone knows that the worst part of having one is that your screen will get terribly filthy. Yes, it happens to all of us. Your screen gets smudged and smeared from all the contact from your fingers. Clearly there is a need here, a need for a screeen cleaner who can just live in my iPhone to keep it clean.

Luckily there is a simi-solution to this problem. A company has developed a product for your iPhone that may be exactly what you are looking for. This product is called the "iWash". If you haven't heard of the iWash then it is time you were updated. The iWash is a series of videos for the iPhone that have quickly grown in popularity.

This solution comes from a company by the name of Big Brain Studios. Big Brain Studios was created by it's owner and popular entertainer Dexter the Magician. Starting the company with simple magic tricks the iWash was a little idea that went over really well.

Since their release these videos have grown greatly in popularity. Originally starting with only three iWash girls, Big Brain Studios found that customers desire many options and varieties of videos. Now they offer eleven different iWash videos including the iWash Kenny & iWash Terry which are the newest male screen cleaners. I also hear rumors of new products called the iVoyeur and iTune-Up which I can't wait to get.

So what is the big deal about these videos? They're silly, possibly pointless, but wonderfully entertaining. The iWash is truely PG/PG-13 style content but it is very tame. (However Big Brain Studios promises some sexy versions to be released soon) These are not videos that would be considered appropriate at church, in the office, or anywhere you might find someone who wouldn't appreciate a girl in a bikini. Believe it or not some people have labeled these videos sexist. So if you think there might be a problem, don't play the iWash.

The Description: When you play your iWash video, what can you expect? Once the video is started, you get a short leader and then the background music begins. Out walks your three inch tall private screen cleaner carrying a soap bucket and squeegee. Your dirty, dirty screen is so neglected and it will need a complete and thorough cleaning. A nice quick soaping up followed by some quality swipes of the squeegee and your screen is clean. Well, at least on the inside. A cute smile and your personal screen cleaner exits view.

This amazingly simple concept has captured the attention of iPhone users all over the world. This is a must have for the iPhone enthusiast.

The Negative: There is only one real problem with the iWash: it doesn't actually get your screen clean. Once the video has finished and the inside of your screen has been cleaned, the smudges on the outside are still there. Someone needs to invent an iPhone iWash bikni girl for the outside of the screen. However that one might be difficult to play anywhere but in private.


It is hard to believe that there is a mobile device that includes GPS, 5 megapixel digital camera, WI-FI, Bluetooth and an MP3 player in such a tiny package - the new Nokia N95 has certainly arrived!!

The Nokia N95 is the newest edition and the most advanced 3G smart phone of the Nokia N series built on a series 60 Symbian interface topped with up to 160 MB internal dynamic memory for messages, ring tones, images, video clips, calendar notes, to-do list and applications. The Nokia N95 boasts an impressive screen measuring 2.6 inches across, 240 x 320 pixels in an unbelievable 16 million colors! The ambient light detector adjusts the lighting depending on your environment which allows for screen-visibility in most lighting conditions.

The built in GPS navigation system offers up-to-date Maps covering more than 100 countries. Through the Nokia N95 navigational system there are brilliant colored maps, route planning, and a sizeable points-of-interest database. The GPS calculates the total distance, time, speed, etc. In order to use the GPS function you must purchase the upgrade which is downloaded into your device for an additional $91.93 for a year license or $11.81 per month. There is an abundance of software and maps available compatible with the variety of devices you choose to upload. The idea is that detailed street maps of virtually the entire world are made available for free, along with route calculation and display of your GPS position. There is the option to have all maps stored on your expansion card or download them as needed over GPRS or 3G data - you decide which is a more practical method for you.

Aside from the GPS navigation system, other wireless options include integrated Bluetooth capabilities, WI-FI, and an infrared port. The web-browser allows you to view HTML web pages on the Internet, displaying the original design. You can also browse web pages specifically designed for mobile devices, and use XHTML or the Wireless Markup Language (WML).

One of the most attractive features of the Nokia N95 is the 5 mega pixel camera with world renowned Carl Ziess lens and Tessar optics. The camera application has a number of extras, which include 4 ISO settings, contrast plus sharpness adjustment, and an enhanced burst mode (now with gaps of up to 15 minutes). The video camera is also quite impressive with recording capabilities in VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels) at up to 30 frames per second with stereo audio. In addition, there is second front-facing camera for making video calls with a conferencing option. Supported video formats include MPEG-4, H.264/AVC, H.263/3GPP, RealVideo 8/9/10. Included with the Nokia N95 is the Nokia Video Connectivity Cable for direct connection and compatibility to your television.

Through the XpressMusic branding, Nokia has sought to emphasize the music capabilities of its Nseries portfolio. The Nokia N95 music player is easy to use and can be controlled by the directional pad or slide-out, or front-side buttons to navigate through your music selection. Included is a microSD (TransFlash) card slot that can support cards of up to 2GB in size, and should provide enough space for approximately 500 tracks (depending on length, formatting and encoding). The slot also supports hot-swapping, meaning the user is no longer required to having a card dedicated to music usage. The N95 contains the standard Nseries/Nokia S60 radio player. To operate the radio, you must plug in a headset or the remote control. Sound can then be channeled through the phone's loudspeakers or the 3.5mm stereo headphone plug and TV-out support jack. There is the 3.5mm stereo headphone plug and TV out support (PAL/NTSC). If you happen to be a Sandisk MP3 owner, it is noted on Sandisk website that its 4 GB micro-SDHC card is compatible with the Nokia N95.

It is possible to save many photos and video on this phone as there is 160GB of memory. The gallery interface is designed to list all of the photos and videos which can be found in internal memory and on a memory card. You have the option of viewing the small thumbnails, or clicking on each one individually. The file manager allows you to browse through all your media files with ease where you have the luxury of landscape browsing with its unique 2-way slide design feature that allows you to transition quickly between a multimedia-computer to a player.

Above all, the Nokia N95 is a high quality and efficient phone and messenger. The Nokia N95 is priced at up to $750. Some of the best prices can be sought out through online retailers or Canadian price comparison sites. The Nokia N95 is a compact device ready to deliver the latest technology available on the market today!